Predisposing Causes

The predisposing causes are numerous. Any thing that disturbs the healthy and regular action of the system, predisposes to the disease, particularly exposure to the heat of the sun at mid-day, and the dews of the night. Excess in eating and drinking, particularly the latter; a debauch in drinking is almost certain to lay open the system to the approach of the disease; since it carries in its train many other imprudences, equally dangerous with itself, such as great exposure to the sun and cool, damp, night air.

Breathing impure air: thus an atmosphere laden with particles of putrid animal or other vitiating matter, is highly predisposing to the fever, from their deleterious effect upon the general health of the system. Constipation of the bowels is a very great predisposing cause, and therefore much attention should be paid to keep them in regular and healthy action. Fear, or great disturbance of the nervous system, from any cause. And it is probable that the fever may lie dormant in the system for many days.