Descendants of Hugh Robson

(Dec 1780 - 19 Feb 1857)

Hugh Robson

Born: Dumfriesshire, Scotland.
Died: Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Ploughman in Scotland, Estanciero in Argentina

married, ca 1802, Jane Ferrish (ca Jul 1779 - 20 Jun 1849)

Born: Kirkmichael, Dumfriesshire, Scotland.
Died: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Emigrated to Argentina in the year 1825 on the sailing ship Symmetry.

Notes on the spelling of names.

The use of either English or Spanish spelling of forenames is something of a nightmare. Often the English spelling would be used in the family and in church records while the Spanish spelling would be used in official documents. Sometimes a mixture of both would be used. I've tended to go with the version listed in the church records for the most part.

A similar problem arises with surnames, some families adopt the Spanish form with the mother's maiden name being added after the father's surname, while others adopt the English form of just using the father's surname. I default to the latter useage but will use the former where I know the family does.


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Additional information courtesy of:

Philippa Claiden, Jeremy Howat, Helen Livingston, Alex Pearce, Leslie P Simpson, Robert Wells and Lucia Whitehead in UK

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Eric Fischer, Viviana Haurigot, Pedro Piccardo, Carlos Zubillaga and Peggy Santos in USA

Andrew Walker in Indonesia.

Gordon Yorston in Chile

James Bell and Marcela Dutra in Uruguay.

Katrina Evans and John and Lorraine Larke in Canada.

John Campbell in France

Paul Gladish in Spain

Victoria MacDonald & Ian Seton Campbell in South Africa

Harriet Sain in Italy

Lorraine Bottreau in Singapore

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