Early British Merchant Settlers In Buenos Aires

From England:
NameDate ArrivedStatus
Robert Jackson1802Merchant
Oliver Jump1808Proprietor
Philip Parkin1809Merchant
James Barton1809Proprietor
Robert Billingshurst1809Proprietor
John Postlethwaite1810Merchant
John Robinson1810Merchant
John Ludlam1810Proprietor
D M'Kinlay1811Proprietor
S Puddicomb1812Merchant
John Stevenson1812Merchant
James Brittain1812Proprietor
William Cope1812Proprietor
Thomas Nelson1814Merchant
Spenser Davis Weller1815Merchant 
Joseph Lee1815Merchant
Sam Chapman1813Merchant
David Price1813Merchant
Thomas Newton1811Merchant
John Turner1814Merchant
Joshua Thwaites1816Proprietor
N B Nisbet1816Merchant
T H Bayley1817Proprietor
John Appleyard1818Proprietor
John Carlisle1818Merchant
John Harratt1818Merchant
John Tabberer1818Proprietor
Thomas I C Gowland1812Merchant
James Kelshaw1819Merchant
John Sillietoe1820Proprietor
George Nuttall1820Merchant
George Brown1822Merchant
E S Harvey1822Merchant
John & Wm Downes1822Proprietor
Joseph Crowther1822Merchant 
Samuel Lafone1823Merchant
From Ireland:
NameDate ArrivedStatus
John Dillon1806Merchant
Richard Duffy1811Merchant
R Montgomery1814Merchant
Peter Sheridan1817Proprietor
John Gullión, MD1818Proprietor
From Scotland:
NameDate ArrivedStatus
Thomas Fair1809Proprietor
David Spalding1806Proprietor
Alexander Wilson1808Merchant
John Miller1810Proprietor
John Orr1811Proprietor
George M'Farlane1813Proprietor
John Parish Robertson1813Proprietor
Wm Parish Robertson1813Proprietor
John Carter1806Proprietor
John Watson1815Merchant
William M'Quake1816Proprietor
Andrew C Dick, MD1817Proprietor
John M'Farlane1818Merchant
Duncan Stewart1818Merchant
Henry Hoker1818Merchant
Stewart D Campbell1820Merchant
Duncan M'Nab1820Merchant
John Gibson1820Proprietor
George Gibson1824Proprietor
Adam Butters1822Merchant
Thomas Duguid1822Merchant
William Thompson1822Merchant
John M'Dougall1822Merchant
James Miller1821Merchant
John Stewart1824Merchant
C Watson1824Merchant
William Lockhart1824Merchant
John M'Clelland1824Merchant

Records of The Scottish Settlers in the River Plate and their Churches, by Rev James Dodds. Published Buenos Aires 1897.

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