Margaret: Passenger List

The brigantine Margaret, Captain Craig, sailed from Leith and arrived in Buenos Aires 80 days later on 14th December 1825 with 104 prospective Scottish colonists on board.

From Lloyd's Register: Margaret Brig, 218 tons, single deck with beams, hull sheathed with copper, draught 14 feet (4.26m), rigged with proved iron cables. Owner: Oliphant of Leith. Classified A1.

John French y su Esposa Elizabeth FrenchMineros Inglaterra
John Bonner, Tomas B?, John, Jane
y Edward French; Jany Baxter; Alex
Fisher; Kennie Stephens, Carlos Black; John
Grierson, Wm Sissons; Wm Harris; John Grierson
James AndersonElizabeth BulsAndres }
David  } Bonner?
John    }
Andres }
Alexa AdamsAna Black
Jorge y Roberto AllenMary Baigley
Lorenzo BulsAgnes Clunes
John BlackMaria  }

Andres } Elder

Maria  }

Peter Loring
James BaigleyRoberto Shaw
James BerryJohn     }

Roberto } Shaw

William ClunesMaria Frankline
William CarnieMaria GloverTomas Scott
David CunninghamSteven }

Allan   } Grand

John    }

Miguel } Shire

Daniel Day
Wm ElderMara    }

Barbara } Henderson

Enrique Stall
John JayWm  }

John } Stuart

John FranklineEuphema Haskins
Archivald GloverAna      }

Catalina } Lowrie

Agnes    }

James S??
Allen GrandAndres
John GreyHugo Froden
John GuillenMargaret LintonJames Wilson
Benjamin HendersonJean McDonaldArchivald Watson
John HolandMargaret }

Maria      } McDonald

Elizabeth }

James Wright
Hugh HaskinsAndres Williamson
John HallJames Watage
John y John JhonstonAna Robertsonprocedentes de Leyth
en Escocia
Archivald LaganMargaret }

Ana        } B??

Andres Lowrie
James    }

William } Linton

Elizabeth }

Maria     } Shaw

Peter McDonaldJane Scott
Wm McDonaldBridget Sanderson?
Jorge McDonaldMargaret }

Margaret } Stall

Jorge ??
Jonas KensieJean Steward
John LagganElizabeth }

Flora      } Froden

Gordon Millar
John BaeElizabeth }

Nancey    } Watson

Isabella    }

Jorge Macay
James Milnie
James Oliver
James Butterford
David Robertson

The immigration clerk has listed the passengers as English miners. It should be noted that the term English was used in Argentina for most of the 19th century to denote anyone from northern Europe, including Germany and Scandinavia, as well as the Scots, Irish and Welsh. North Americans were also often referred to as English.

Two days later, 16th December 1825, the ship Marquis of Anglesea arrived in Buenos Aires with 49 Cornish miners. British companies were opening up the exploitation of the mines of Famatina, La Rioja.

Question marks indicate words I cannot read. The spelling and layout is as per the original as far I can reproduce it in html. I have left out the column headings as the clerk has ignored them.

Source: Passenger Roll from the Argentine National Archives, scan courtesey of Alberto Buchanan.
Additional information and assistance, Marie Renee.

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