Some Royal Descents for the Kenricks of Wynn Hall

also for the Kenricks of Woore Manor

Descents from King John of England
= Isabella of Angouleme = (mistress) Clemence Pinel
King Henry III = Eleanor of Provence Joan = Llywellyn the Great
King Edward I = Eleanor of Castille Edmund of Lancaster =
Blanche d`Artois
Gwladus Ddu = Ralph Mortimer
Roger Mortimer = Maud de Braose
Isabel Mortimer = John FitzAlan
King Edward II = Isabella of France Elizabeth = Humphrey de Bohun,
Earl of Hereford
Henry of Lancaster =
Maud Chaworth
Richard FitzAlan, 1st Earl of Arundel =
Alasia de Saluzzo
Edmund FitzAlan, 2nd Earl of Arundel =
Alice de Warenne
King Edward III = Philippa of Hainault William de Bohun = Elizabeth de Baddlesmere Eleanor of Lancaster = Richard FitzAlan, 3rd Earl of Arundel
John of Gaunt = Katherine Roet Elizabeth de Bohun = Richard FitzAlan, 4th Earl of Arundel
Henry Beaufort = (mistress) Alice FitzAlan Elizabeth FitzAlan = Robert Goushill
Joan Beaufort = Edward Stradling Joan Goushill = Thomas Stanley
Henry Stradling = Elizabeth ferch William Margaret Stanley = William Troutbeck
Thomas Stradling = Janet Mathew Joan Troutbeck = William Griffith
Jane Stradling = William Griffith Alice Griffith = Piers Coytmore
Dorothy Griffith = William Wynne Williams William Coytmore = Elin Puleston
Jane Williams = William Coytmore
Alice Coytmore = Hugh Wynne
William Wynne = Unknown
Sarah Wynne = Archibald Hamilton
Sarah Hamilton = Rev. John Kenrick

A Royal descent from King Edward III to.... Sarah, wife of Ralph Eddows, etc. by John Insley Coddington, TAG vol 32.
The Royal Descent of Neville Chamberlain by Anthony R Wagner FSA, Portculis Pursuivant, Genealogist`s Magazine Dec 1938

Descent from Hywel Dda, King of South Wales
Hywel Dda ap Cadell = Elen ferch Llywarch
Angharad ferch Hywel = Tudor Trefor
Lludice ap Tudor Trefor = Angharad ferch Iago Dingad ap Tudur Trefor = Cecilly Seferws
Llywarch Gam = Leuci Rhiwallon ap Dingad = Letis ferch Cadwal
Ednyfyd = Sionet ferch Rhiwallon Cynwrig ap Rhiwallon = Ann ferch Idnerth Benfras
Rhys Sais = Efa ferch Cynrig ap Rhiwallon Ednyfed ap Cynwrig = Unknown
Elidir ap Rhys Sais = Unknown Einion ap Ednyfed = Unknown
Sandde ap Elidir = Unknown Gruffudd ab Einion = Unknown
Hwfa ap Sandde = Unknown Gruffudd Fychan = Jane de Lacey
Hwfa Gryg = Unknown Cynwrig ap Gruffudd = Unknown
Hwfa Fychan = Unknown Sir David Kenrick = Unknown
Iowerth ap Hwfa Fychan = Unknown John Kenrick = Unknown
Madog Voel ap Iowerth = Unknown John Kenrick = Unknown
Llywellyn of Marchwieil = Lheyky ferch Madoc John Kenrick = Unknown
Gruffudd ap Llywellyn = Unknown William Kenrick = Margaret Morris
Dafydd ap Gruffudd = Unknown Thomas Kenrick = Margeria Taylor
Hywel ap Dafydd = Unknown Richard Kenrick = Agnes Norton
Robert ap Hywel = Elenor ferch Robert John Kenrick of Woore
Cynrig ap Robert = Gwenllian Stanley Sources:
Harleian Ms 4181 (British Library)
Harleian Ms 1972 (British Library)
Peniarth Ms 127 (National Library of Wales)
Nantclwyd Papers (National Library of Wales)
Gentleman's Magazine 1783 pp1066
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Welsh Genealogies AD 1400-1500 P.C. Bartrum
Development of Welsh Heraldry Siddons

Additional research courtesy Pedr ap Llwyd
John Kenrick of Wrexham
Welsh Genealogies AD 300-1400 P.C. Bartrum
Brut y Tywysogyon (Chronicle of the Princes)
The History of the Princes of Powys Fadog, J.Y.W. Lloyd

Note: Llewellyn the Great is also descended from Hywel Dda.

A Possible Scottish Descent
King David I = Matilda of Northumberland
Henry of Huntingdon = Adeline de Warenne
Marjory = William de Lindsay
William Lindsay = Unknown
David Lindsay = daughter of John Crawford
David Lindsey = Margaret Lindsay
Alexander Lindsay = ? Stewart
David Lindsay = Maria de Abernethy
Alexander Lindsay = Catherine Stirling
David Lindsay, Earl of Crawford = Elizabeth Stewart¹
Marjorie Lindsay² = William Douglas
Henry Douglas = Elizabeth Erskine
Helen Douglas = Walter Hamilton³
James Hamilton = Unknown
William Hamilton = Margaret Baillie
James Hamilton = Isobel Weir
Archibald Hamilton = Mistress
Hans Hamilton = Janet Denham
Patrick Hamilton = Elizabeth Glen
Archibald Hamilton = Jane Hamilton
Archibald Hamilton = Sarah Wynn
Sarah Hamilton = Rev. John Kenrick
¹ Daughter of King Robert II and Euphemia Leslie
² Marjorie`s mother is not known with any certainty.
³ Virtually nothing is known about Walter.

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